Gia’s Gelato strives to provide our customers with the entire European café experience. We pledge to provide our customers with a variety of reasonably priced fresh wholesome food with impeccable service in an eclectic, fun and relaxing atmosphere.


About our Gelatos and Sorbetos


Gia pic on Yelp 5We’ve searched the country to obtain gelatos and sorbetos with only the finest and freshest ingredients the world has to offer to our savvy customers. Rest assured, we pledge that our gelatos and sorbetos are homemade and made to order from ALL NATURAL products – not artificial additives, fillers or preservatives. We also pledge that our gelatos and sorbetos are …smooth, rich, and creamy and contain less air content, fat and calories than a comparable serving of ice cream! There are 40 daily rotating flavors.


About Our Menu

Gia's SaladWe not only offer gelatos and sorbetos, but we also offer an expanding variety of delicious selections of wholesome gourmet foods, including: Italian espresso coffee and specialty drinks, fresh salads and sandwiches (wraps, paninis and the like), breakfast items, soups, baked goods made on the premise, gourmet snacks and other specialty items.



About Our Staff

We are an equal opportunity employer. We highly value diversity and inclusion, and our loyal staff has cross-cultural backgrounds with various food-service and industry training. We pledge to compensate our staff and vendors fairly, and treat them with the utmost dignity and respect which will be reciprocated onto our customers. Needless to say, we have the friendliest group of individuals waiting to serve and get to know you and make you feel at home.063

Co-Owners Angela Ratliff & Debbie Brackett’s mission was to create a café that would depict European and other world influences that both Ratliff and Brackett experienced in their international travels with the main goal of providing the freshest and most wholesome reasonably priced gourmet menu in a classical ambient setting.